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Spot the fake!


This is to follow up on my previous post about making “whiskey” with water and food coloring. 
I have been busy experimenting with the formulas.

To 1 liter of water add:
5 drops red
3 drops yellow
1 drop green OR blue

For comparison, the shot glass on the left is jack daniels. The one on the right is the impostor! Did you guess right?

The Awesome Stage Manager


Whiskey and Other Liquor

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Prop Closet
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Need a lot of prop booze for your show? You may be thinking about using iced tea. Which could work. But what if some one in your cast is diabetic or allergic to something in the tea? Or if there’s a lot of drinking going on? Iced tea can bel pretty sweet and might upset stomachs too.

So here’s a great recipe for whiskey from my good friend Ray S.
To 1 liter of water add 2 drops of red food coloring and 1 drop of yellow.

UPDATE!!!!! The correct formula is 5 Red, 3 yellow and 1 blue OR green!
Adjust as needed for other liquors.

Most people can drink water all night, no problem. Just make sure no one is allergic to food coloring.

The Awesome Stage Manager